08 January 2016

Diffusing Political Propaganda Bombs

It is challenging diffusing the propaganda bomb narrow narratives make.

I can't expect people to look past their ideology or manufactured identity from one day to the next; this is a lifelong process (if one is aware of the need to work on such a process).

The following is my response to a gentleman who unloaded onto me a torrent of banal, and nearly hysterical, remarks regarding political viewpoints... what can be heard on American mainstream news channels any given day.

In short, what was revealed is they've been harassed by media propaganda since birth, and aim the blame at the vilified but not those making decisions from atop the totem pole.

People truly are helpless and harassed, and for some, their 'world' is crashing down all around them... yet this world is nothing more than ideas, ideals, identities and ideologies.

This world is based on these “I's”... or a world “all about me.”

Kings of the earth have pushed administrations focused on themselves and their selfishness, working only to support those close to them and in affiliated social circles.

However, at times other kings have understood their role and responsibility.

The responsibility is making sure the people at the extreme opposite end are considered.

Their role is establishing a stable reign and prosperous and fair society.

You may be able to determine, according to my response, what this person's words were to me.

Their message was aimed at calling foul the current administration, aiming the blame at immigrants and the country's woes on public policies, which has been a ploy used over and over again throughout history's legacy.

My aim was to clarify that blaming one side of the two-headed political behemoth is not seeing the nature of government nor the fallacy that one side is very different from the other.

Some historians lay the blame of Rome's fall to the immigrants.

But other evidence shows depravity, corruption, arrogance, greed and other human conditions contribute to the rise and fall of any people / nation / empire.

Why would the current empire be any different or escape the same destiny as those empires prior?

I see much of your narrative is reflective of the two-sided argument in mainstream politics between the left and the right / liberal and conservative / democrats and republicans... 
Perhaps we can look more objectively at what is happening. 
By the way, my birth certificate says "WHITE" when identifying both of my parents, who were married at the time, and who traveled to this country legally according to the political change in Cuba. The American government had much to do with the upheaval there, but I'm not here to lay blame, but simply state that there are greater factors than the ones we immediately hold onto or hear on the news when approaching our current time and the reality of our lives. 
So let us not make this discussion about white or black, or even about ethnic groups or superiority... for history shows these ideologies are either expanded or contracted depending on who is in power / control and what their taste in ideology is at the time (looking at world history). 
One cannot ignore the manner in which the land known as America had come to exist without showing it was simply a conquest by a stronger group of people over another people, and ideals and ideas like "manifest destiny" justifying the removal of indigenous peoples from their land in order to reap rewards from the land and aims at industry. Race, ethnicity, culture and religion played a big part in pushing this ideal, as has been done in every other corner of the world throughout time. 
It isn't a white vs whomever issue, it is an issue which has plagued the world since the beginning of mankind. One simple example is how Cain murdered Abel due to jealousy. Cain, being the first born and holder of the birthright (all things from his father going to him), still killed his younger brother... yet his firstborn status wasn't in jeopardy. Cain wasn't thinking clearly, and the Lord even approached him to warn him of the condition of his heart. 
A word like "greed" comes to mind when approaching your expressive email. Not your personal greed, but the greed which would justify running the world according to a business model (and the wealth derived therefrom) instead of seeing another human being as your brother, your cousin, your distant relative. We are all descendants of Noah, by the way; we are all related. 
To speak directly to what the media portrays as 'news' and leads people to believe that what is being portrayed is the 'truth': why are "Mexicans" the scapegoat when the government has allowed immigration to flow in from all corners of the world (not only Mexico) in order to feed a business demand? 
Isn't the allowance of immigration allowed to feed the demand of cheap labor to keep revenues up? This covers the illegal aspect as well. It isn't a difficult thing to place a wall and keep mass migrations, but it hasn't been done for a reason... and before Obama, you had eight years of your favorite party still allowing the same... and at one point, Reagan decided on amnesty. 
Let us look at things with objectivity and clarity. 
Isn't the reason manufacturing has gone overseas was to lower costs and expand the bottom line? It is very difficult to blame Mexicans or anyone else when this was a top-down decision supported by government. 
And who did the export of manufacturing benefit? The immigrant? No. Do you know who? You should. 
Isn't America modeled after the Roman Empire, which was modeled after the Greek?
In order to keep revenue and tribute flowing into the central governments of those empires (and the current one), new lands and peoples needed to be conquered... and those newly conquered people would eventually be incorporated into society, eventually receiving citizenship, so they too can be taxed and also sent out to conquer the next land still outside the empire's domain. 
The same thing happened in the east with the eastern ancient empires, but they are rarely mentioned into the American psyche because the identity in America derives from Greek and Roman culture, not so much Assyrian or Persian.... yet the system of treating people as commodities is the same. 
What is at issue is how human beings are systematically divided amongst one another according to the top-down propaganda which feeds their fears (i.e.: "the foreigner is going to take your job"). Divide and conquer... which goes back to ancient times.
If you were to look at Roman history, the same propaganda was unleashed onto that time's populous to keep current Roman citizens weary, suspicious and hateful of newly conquered peoples... nothing has changed Today. 
History repeats, but alas, men do not know much of history outside the revised textbook version stamped as "official" by their time's hegemony. 
To blame people who have to work for a living (whether they are black, brown, blue, green, yellow or speak whatever language and do not look like you) is to blame the wrong people. You are blaming people just like you, who have to figure out their living somewhat very similar to yourself, they only look different. 
America has been in the business of exporting its ideals to the world in order to bring the world under a single umbrella (the desire of man's heart since the first king stood atop his dirt hill and blushed at all he believed he owned). 
To blame people who believe the exported ideals of America for coming here to participate in the dream is being nearsighted. 
Nobody is hating white people over here.

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