28 January 2016

Go Go Go Joseph!

Consider how Joseph was used by God for God's ultimate good purpose.

Despite pleading his innocence, he accepted the situation he found himself in.

Sometimes our current situation is one we can do nothing about.

Joseph found himself in a horrible situation when his brothers conspired to kill him and later resolved to sell him off and tell their father that Joseph was attacked by wild animals.

We can read how Joseph submitted to his situation and depended on God to deliver His good will in due time, even if it meant certain death or a long life of servitude to a foreign people.

Instead of being rebellious, or attempting to escape his situation and run back home, Joseph accepted his situation and stayed at peace in his heart.

Joseph continued to be good, do good and honor God in all his actions.

Joseph did this not to win favor among men, but because Joseph was conscience of God; the God who knows and judges men's hearts and minds.

Men judge by outer appearance, but the judgment of the I Am of heaven and earth goes deeper than what the eyes of flesh can see and the mind's if men can perceive.

Joseph resolved that obedience to God was greater than his personal life.

Staying holy and honorable before the I Am took precedence over Joseph's pride, or fear, or desire to not be subject to anyone.

Joseph submitted to a foreign and pagan leadership / regime / people.

Joseph accepted his seemingly stressful reality... and as Today's faithful know, through prayer and understanding that God is good to His children, Joseph shined bright among his contemporaries.

Joseph understood that his salvation was not measured by his worldly possessions or material reality, but the condition of his heart and his obedience to the invisible God.

Joseph was eventually honored by men for his honesty, his good will towards others, his service, his honorable demeanor and the amazing ways God revealed mysteries through Joseph.

Joseph didn't take credit for the miraculous revelations, but gave glory to God, preaching and revealing who the true eternal Lord of heaven and earth is.

In your situations, both near or far, domestic or foreign, political or religious, consider being more like a Joseph and less like _______ (enter your name in the blank space).

But take note; a much greater Example than Joseph has been revealed under heaven!

And although the memory and name of Joseph can be honored, the Name of the greatest Example is the only One to be praised, glorified and absolutely imitated.

This Perfect Example was peaceful, loving, forgiving, merciful and accepted His fate.

His is the only Name by which men are saved.

Read Genesis 37, 39-50 for the entire saga that God brought forth through Joseph.

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