22 January 2016

Laughing Now At Bullies

Politics is like that big bully in school we all grew up with.

Unless we went along with their views, their opinions and their will, we were not “in.”

Unless we were like them or actually 'them,' we were despised and always less than.

What some of us didn't understand while in school, was that the bully was mistreated at home.

Their parents belittled them, making them feel worthless unless they did something worthy, or of value, in the eyes of the parents.

Unless that bully would grow up to make lots of money, they were viewed as useless and worthless.

And all the abuse that bully child was receiving at home, is exactly what they would throw upon all the other kids in school.

Politics is that bully, and the bully's parents are those who push the bully to write certain laws supporting the business agenda, protecting the wealth of the parents.

In school we rarely, if at all, saw the bully's parents.

But we felt all the abuse that bully's parents were causing.

Some children believed the bully's opinions and forceful tactics and became bullies themselves.

Some who were ridiculed, and survived, later realized exactly what was causing that bully to be a bully.

The bully would sometimes use “God” as excuses for their actions and words, making others feel inept or bad for not agreeing with everything the bully was saying and doing.

Some fell for this manipulation, and unwritten laws were followed, like not responding to open ridicule from the bully and their supporters for fear of worse abuse.

But what most of us now realize, being far and away from school and the bullies who run them, is how wrong they were.

We realized the bully, or whomever desired to be leader, only needed to be loving and kind to be liked and accepted by the rest of us, which is a purpose of politics.

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