15 January 2016

Following Righteousness Or Religion?

Light Within Darkness Is Righteousness Within Religion

Religion, as is state nationality, as is tribal identity, as is race or ethnicity, and other ideas, are derived from humanity reaching for identity.

Religion is not the only idea to blame.

Yet, I proclaim we are all brothers, sisters, distant cousins separated only by time, geography and the ideas of men (these identities, which are faulty and at times very false when they divide otherwise likeminded people).

Religion is used as a tool to justify war, hatred, murder and subjugation of other peoples.

I must clarify that prior to what is called "Christianity" developing under Roman authority, it was called the Way and other terms, and was built upon love for neighbor as well as enemy.

The primary sources show this development as does historical evidence in secular records of the actors who followed the Way, and those who would make a blending of the Way and men's ways.

It is a very difficult effort to find fault with loving both neighbors and enemies, yet men try.

It is difficult to blame the primary sources (the Gospel), and its Author (Christ Yeshua) and the early disciples when men, centuries later, began to bring into contempt that which can be arguably good through and through.

And when the primary sources are attacked, and arguments arise as to who physically penned the message, instead of speaking about the message and how it applies to the individual, men make distracting arguments (asking “who” wrote it, instead of asking “is this true despite not knowing who wrote it?”).

Does the source need to be truly revealed if the message speaks the truth?

How do we know a message is true and another is false?

A true message speaks to your heart and causes you to love your neighbor and your enemy... and this is the light of righteousness.

A false message makes excuses, and causes men to hate other men... and this is the darkness of religion.

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