14 January 2016

Limitless Faith

I think it is part of the human experience to grow out and from our initial perceptions.

We seem to have a programming setting us in motion to grow, not only physically like children into adults, but from immaturity to maturity, from carnal to spiritual, from faulty to righteous.

Isn't this what scientists are honored and applauded for doing; pushing the envelope of knowledge, experience, understanding and thus perceptions and reality?

The truth in scientific has always been present, someone had simply not found or figured out the truth.

Some of us have come to learn that reality isn't always perceived by others when it comes to matters immeasurable by scientific methods or perceived by human eyes.

Why are those who have experiences of the supernatural or metaphysical considered liars, or illogical or whatever the inexperienced would label them?

At one point in history it was difficult for men to discuss things which were invisible to the eye, but nowadays these discovered realities are accepted without issue in scientific circles; the mystery of some unseen forces having been demystified.

Isn't it possible that the spirit (or spirit realm) is yet another frontier to human growth, with some humans throughout time always “having arrived' while others never even getting started?

Since archaic times men have written about such phenomenal experiences while others have wondered and called them ridiculous.

Some fall into denial either because they haven't experienced or, perhaps believing is a major discomfort.

I sometimes speak to people who, despite having very different views on life and beliefs about "God" than me, share having experiences of things they cannot clearly identify.

Although I haven't seen or experienced the same exact phenomena that they have, I can relate to what they share.

My faith hasn't always been absolute.

I have gone back and forth in believing and doubting many things.

Yet for some reason, the "belief" in God has been inescapable for me.

Even when I didn't want to believe or would have logical journeys in trying to demystify the notion of a God, somehow my “programming” was constant: there surely is a God.

My acknowledgment of His Presence was somehow automatic, nothing I can take credit for.

Neither has the faith I've received is something I can take credit for.

This gift of faith in God has allowed for developing further understandings, eventually allowing for events which are not to be widely mentioned.

Whether it was the amount of faith God gifts someone or simply Him preparing someone for such experiences, or something else, I must testify that aside from the doubt in God many have imitated in this depraved world, this man has realized there is a common faith in God that sadly puts limits on His capabilities, and then there is an understanding of an awesome limitless to His ability to do as He pleases.

Man's logic and understanding cannot limit what God wills to do, but one's limited faith can prevent one from not only understanding what is possible, but also forwarding a faithless notion that God is somehow restricted.

To some people, the accounts in Scripture are ridiculous at best and fairy tale at worst.

But to us who have seen, have heard, have tasted and have been gifted eyes to see beyond the typical, we hold no limit or doubt to what His desire will bring.

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