17 January 2016

Which "ism" Is Best?

When speaking of political ideas, communism is simply another "ism" by which men control other men.

Isn't politics simply a method of managing people and resources?

If one were to read the ten demands (also called planks) of the Communist Manifesto, one would see these ten ideas already in place in all countries, even America.

Advocating for one “ism” while vilifying another is to not understand what these things really are.
Monarchies have also thrived and it wasn't called or similar to "capitalism."

Thus, believing one “ism,” like capitalism, is perfect or “better” than any other “ism” is to not clearly see what has been set up in places where it is believed capitalism solely exists (again referring to that certain manifesto).

The United States is yet another development from ancient times and systems (Greek and Roman law continually developed over the years in and through other empires/states).

It is a repetition of conquering people and land by an invading people.

These aims were accomplished by any means necessary, including murder and theft, to eventually establish economic centers in forwarding the pursuit of wealth and power.

Nothing new under the sun.

How the narrative has been revised in order to give a semblance of "awe" and "honor" and "justification," I recommend "Lies My Teacher Told Me" as a great read to help assist in deprogramming the false narratives of American history.

It is a book based on scholarship, not tainted propaganda the American historical narrative is.

Just as people traveled to Rome, they also traveled to Babylon, to Nineveh and to all centers of ancient civilizations in pursuit of wealth and prestige. 

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