21 January 2016

Standing On Giant Shoulders

Can we take any credit when it is our obedience to what is good benefits us?

Can we claim we had anything to do with any thing when we are the animated?

Perhaps we are allowed to 'think' we had a choice in a matter so we may rationalize our existence and why the world has good as well as bad.


Can we take any credit when it's His love that fulfills our destiny?

How can any man take pride in what they do, what they know, what they have... when all these things, and what has preceded us, we had nothing to do with?

Whether it is what we've been taught by parents, schools, or society, secularly speaking we are culturally developed from centuries upon the centuries of experience, trial and error of others.

We enjoy the comforts of innovation and invention of others.

How then can the one driving a car take credit for the collective effort that has gone into producing the car?

The seemingly simple invention of the wheel is sometimes taken for granted, much how modern society and its cultural development is sometimes taken for granted, as if it has always been.

If we were to guess that the inspiration of any human application of our efforts in this world, thinking these things originated from us, would be to forget the Source of all creativity, inspiration and cognizance.

Man has taken inspiration from the birds of the air to conceptualize flight in an aircraft made by man's hands.

Do we thank the birds?

Or do we thank and acknowledge the bird Designer?

What an arrogant thing to ponder that any man is self-made or self-inspired; yet this notion is a driving force for much of modern humanity.

Perhaps a man can take credit for doing something wrong, hurtful or detrimental to himself or others.

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