18 January 2016

Nation Of Immigrants Suspicious Of Immigrants

Why blame immigrants when the U.S. markets the American Dream to the world via media, movies, products and culture?

The process of transforming cultures and political regimes one mind at a time takes several generations.

It is immigration which feeds the cheap labor demand in the U.S.

It is immigration and cheap labor which supports the mega rich and influential; those who influence policy to their particular political representatives.

Why blame "democrats" (or republicans) when the "republicans" (or democrats) are simply the other hand of the same single corporate de facto government?

Have you ever heard of the negotiation gambit "good cop vs bad cop"?

Policy continues forward regardless of the color of the neck tie of whomever you may be currently enamored with.

Why blame one side when both sides work for those with VE$TED interests?

The world is a business and those in business need your tacit approval and cooperation.

To believe there is a real difference between one political entity and another one is like watching a sports game and root for one side, but alas, the reality is that you are simply watching a game made to entertain you and distract you from real life.

It doesn't really matter who wins the sports game, because historic reality continues on despite the red or blue team / elephant or donkey winning.

Such is the argument of blaming one side while honoring or identifying with the other.

Since we are dealing with human beings and human ideas, shouldn't we desire to clearly see things according to humanity and not to the ideas themselves?

One should ask: are people treated like commodities or treated with dignity?

Watch this short video (less than three minutes) about U.S. immigration policy by Vox.

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