09 January 2016

We Are Birds Of A Feather

Seagull; Belmont Pier, Long Beach, California

Pigeon's Wing; Bluff Park Below Junipero, Long Beach, California

In times past, newly conquered lands and peoples would sometimes be dispossessed; moved to another region or realm.

This was a means of enforcing the new regime's methods and rule.

Other methods would simply impose/replace the top echelon of leadership, leaving traditions, customs and religious practices of the lower classes in tact, only extracting the typical tribute/taxing which rule by force or acknowledgement of rulership always demands.

At times, masses of people would move prior to, or because of, a regime change.

Many are the factors explaining why people move from their 'homelands.'

Yet, why is it Today that some still fear migration, or are unwelcoming to people seeking a better life and/or avoiding certain death?

Our ancestors (you read that correctly, both yours and my ancestors) have collectively experienced newly arriving people who were moving for infringing reasons.

Our ancestors were also bothered when they considered themselves natives to their lands and others were immigrating/infiltrating/occupying.

If only observers of history could see things objectively, not from a centric and identity-filled view.

When we are able to see the world as the repetitive cycle it is, we can then identify with accuracy those things which we perceive to divide us.

Sharing a personal reference regarding my recent ancestry:

There've been various tribes/groups/ethnicity of people who have traversed the island of Cuba; Jews, Arabs (people from the middle east), Eastern and Western Europeans (Germans, French, English, etc.), people from Asia (Chinese, Indian, Russia, etc.) and other regions of the world... some of which commingled with the native three tribes to the island.

Prior to my heritage arriving in Cuba and absorbing some native blood, it ventured from Spain (according to my grandparent's memory) a century prior.

Before that, one could further read the many peoples who traversed what is today called Spain throughout the ages, but I personally do not “come from” Spain, nor Cuba, nor even California (the geographic location my mother happened to give birth to me).

You and I both come from prior human beings physically speaking, not from the earth, unless you're speaking of the dust from which we share common elements.

The person born in Russia doesn't have Russian dust running through their veins, as the American born person doesn't have American dust running through theirs.

But some have been led to believe this, and they fail to see our commonality.

They believe opinions and warped arguments rather than reality.

Some foolishly see mankind as categories, labeling or identifying others who are not from their family/tribe/people/land.

This is why, to assume 'what' someone is like one would identify a dog or horse according to pedigree, is to fail to see and respect the other person's humanity, but simply categorize them and view them from a superior place, when the fact is we are all from the same single tribe.

Only time, geography and ideas have separated us, but we'er coming together as one.

We are, after all, brothers and sisters and cousins of one encompassing family.  

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