22 August 2015

Aligning Unto The Path

Two thousands years will soon commemorate a turning point in human history.

Men haven't failed in writing their opinions of the Super Unknown. Yet in writing their opinions, using their phrasings instead of what is believed to be inspired, men continually and aggressively argue over their own words. Yet the message is not changed. But men, in forwarding the Divine message according to their opinions, do fall short in explaining that which can only be understood by faith. And sadly, not all who desire to 'know' will understand. And not all who understand can fully explain what they 'see' through their gift of faith.

At our fingertips we have a broad history lesson waiting to be read, and hopefully objectively understood.

Yet much is still missing from man's finite understanding which may shed light on how Divine doctrine has developed. The main quest is to find the places where the Way has been loosened and where specifically and certainly it has been bound. These revelations and discoveries can permanently put arguments to rest. However, unbelievable revelations don't quell arguments.

Soon we shall see a reconciliation of groups long divided. With this reconciliation a return to the basics of the faith shall be realized. And where is the place that the faithful can be united? The very Word which sparks the faith.

One great place to start is acknowledging the Eternal Existence. Not every agnostic can be considered an atheist or denier of the acknowledgement of God. This life is a journey. Not every atheist breathing today will breathe their last breath as an atheist. Life events, like the death of close relatives or friends, have their designated purpose. Not every religious person will continue to be immovable from their strict interpretations. Love works wonders when love is honestly pursued.

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