06 August 2015

Get Behind Me, You Have Not The Concerns of God

I sometimes forget my humanity.

I believe to be in touch with my shortcomings; they are always a reminder of my humanity.

Yet I forget my humanity.

How can this be?

When I am hurt by others, I shake off the discomfort, the pain, the judgment, the accusations, the ridicule.

But after some time, I hurt.

I forgive, but my heart aches.

I am aware of how my nature desires to hurt back, but I can't feed that notion much after it becomes an idea in my mind.

Then I wonder how others can be so cruel.

I remember being one like this, going around making judgment calls on the eternal destiny of others according to their words and their current point of view.

And now religious fanatics are doing this to me!

What a lesson I am learning.

I have found it most difficult to befriend the religious more than anyone else.

What at first seems to be unifying factors between us quickly turns into a joust of pride and perspective.

Love vanishes to the background while doctrinal disputes take the main-stage.

The more I speak of love, of peace, of unity and humility, the more the resounding gongs and clanging symbols of their narrow doctrines ring out loud.

The more I petition for peace, the more viciousness is unleashed.

And to these accusers, my desire for peace is a sign of how incorrect I am, and how correct they are in their judgments.

How can this be?

God is beyond any person's diminutive point of view, mine included.

God's love goes beyond our understanding derived from words on a page and opinions of men.

God's grace encompasses people who have been deemed unclean and hopeless.

Yet the so-called righteous stand and boast in their thoughts and pompous hearts.

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