15 August 2015

He Proved and Approved

I had an amazing discussion with a Syrian friend recently. Growing up Muslim, he believes Islamic tradition saying Muhammad is greater than Jesus. We both agree God is One. He considers us on the same page of peace.


I declared how in His time, miracles / signs proved Jesus and the Gospel to be true, and miracles / signs Today approve His believer's testimony, myself being a witness.

I mentioned the Quran's information (7th-Century A.D.) regarding Isa / Jesus / Yeshua: 

[ I have included links to textual sources.  You can view various translations by various translators - I recommend reading all translations for clarity and objectivity ]

Born of a virgin 7th-Century A.D.

- Isaiah 7: 14-15 6th-Century B.C.
- Luke 1: 26-38 1st-Century A.D.
- Matthew 1: 18-23 1st-Century A.D.

Spoke as an infant 7th-Century A.D.

- Infancy Gospel  2nd-Century A.D.

Born pure / sinless 7th-Century A.D.

- Hebrews 4: 14-16 1st-Century A.D.

Created birds from clay, breathing life into them 7th-Century A.D.

- Genesis 2: 7 pre-15th-Century B.C.
- Infancy Gospel 2nd-Century A.D.

Descended from Imran; honored as “greatest people / nation7th-Century A.D.

- Micah 5: 2 7th-Century B.C.
Jeremiah 33: 14-18 6th-Century B.C.

Word of God 7th-Century A.D.

- Genesis 1: 3 pre-15th-Century B.C. 
- John 1: 1 1st-Century A.D.
- John 1: 14 1st-Century A.D.
- Revelation 19: 11-16 1st-Century A.D.

Gave the blind sight, raised the dead 7th-Century A.D.

- Luke 7: 20-23 1st-Century A.D.

Called Messiah, but incompletely defined 7th-Century A.D.

- Isaiah 4: 3-5 6th-Century B.C.
- John 1: 22-34 1st-Century A.D.

Death predicted 7th-Century A.D.

- Daniel 9: 24-26 6th-Century B.C. 
- Matthew 17: 9 1st-Century A.D.

Died 7th-Century A.D.

- Isaiah 53 6th-Century B.C.
- Matthew 27: 50  1st-Century A.D.
- John 19: 25-37 1st-Century A.D.

[ Regarding death, please read verse 3.55 from Surah Al-Imran (chapter 3) by these translators ]:

- Maulawi Sher Ali
- Edip YĆ¼ksel
- Mohamed Ahmed
- Muhammad Asad
- Abdul Daryabadi

Has power over death 7th-Century A.D.

- Isaiah 26: 19 6th-Century B.C. 
- Matthew 27: 50-56 1st-Century A.D.
- 2 Timothy 2: 10-13 1st-Century A.D.

Rose to heaven 7th-Century A.D.

- Luke 24: 44-53 1st-Century A.D.

Not all will believe or understand Him 7th-Century A.D.

- Isaiah 8: 11-15 6th-Century B.C.
- John 12: 37-45 1st-Century A.D.

I asked my friend why he believes Muhammad was greater? Muhammad sinned, died and knew not his fate.

Amazingly and, according to God's timing, this happened when ending our conversation:

A man near us hears me declare “Jesus is Lord after I shared the manner Jesus proclaimed His divinity: “before Abraham was, I Am.” The man also exclaims: Jesus is Lord and testifies how he saw Jesus forty years ago. His heart stopped after a heart attack. Jesus appeared to him saying it wasn't his time pass over. Coming back to life, the man's health issues were healed. He is a walking testimony.


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