24 August 2015

Responding To Love

An amazing event was told to me recently. It had to do with truth in the face of ignorance. As I best recall the testimony:

A gathering of believers commemorating Yeshua Christ rising from the dead (what is commonly termed “church”) was commencing and the preacher was standing at the podium delivering that Day's message. Someone comes into the congregation and interrupts the message. They ask where someone like themselves would be going according to the bible.

The person who interrupted and asked the question is a woman. Her outer appearance (clothes, haircut, etc.) hints to her sexual orientation. Some members of the congregation respond with “you're going to hell” and such other opinions along those lines. However, the pastor had something different to say.

The minister says the bible declares God loves her. God loves her despite her current situation or lifestyle. God loves her where she is today, where she was yesterday and where she will be tomorrow. The minister adds that he and other believers are called to love her. And if so-called believers fail to love her but would instead judge her, they will be the ones going to hell.

Tears fall from the woman's eyes. The congregation is silent.

My friend who is recounting this event tells me this woman left the lifestyle she was living before she walked into that congregation of believers. She not only looks different but she also acts different. She most likely thinks and sees differently. She was instrumental in the internal change which occurred with her many friends, who followed her living example of grace. This woman is a living testimony and is not slow to share how God's love caused her to see Christ for the first time, in all His love and glory.

She praises His Name!

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