20 August 2015

The Medium's Guide To Light

I found a flyer on the ground while walking offering psychic help. I was surprised to read that both “binding” and “loosening” is offered. Sadly, the business of spiritual matters is a dark pit which leads people astray, yet is perceived to be an elevated place and somehow revered.

The law condemned the practice then, and Today it is to be avoided.

A gifted person uses their gifts in service of God's Way, bringing people closer to God according to Yeshua as Lord. To trade a gift's efforts in exchange for money is missing the Way. Only God's chosen, walking in the Way of Truth, have dominion over the darkness of evil. Those who peddle their gifts for money and outside of the Way suffer consequences. Once the truth of God in Christ was revealed, the response to turn away from pursuing spiritual matters on one's own was quite inspiring.

His motivation and incentive precedes the call to serve others, not for financial gain, but according to salvation and recognition of Yeshua Christ as Lord; the Savior of mankind.  This shows how the spiritual battle has been brought onto the material plane. The Book of Acts has such examples as we've already mentioned.

Spiritists, mediums, and what can be termed 'mystics' and the like have always existed. God makes no mistakes in allowing certain people to have and develop certain gifts. People are endowed with extraordinary gifts by God. These gifts have no origin with men, but are permissible by God. But not all people submit to God in reverence according to God's Way.

As the Heart asks to use material wealth for good, some seek selfish ends while leaving crumbs for others. Same goes for spiritual gifts; do as God asks you do, not as you desire to do.

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