26 August 2015

Might As Well Go For It

What would you rather be doing right now if you were able to pursue some other line of work? Everyone has something they need to do. Even the wealthy person has to keep track of their money. They too have a 'job.' The homeless person has to make the effort to beg, or to walk to the nearest food bank, and so forth. We all have to make ends meet and either manage what we have or make do with what little we do have. However, if you could decide to change your current occupation (what occupies your time) for something else, what would that something else be?

I met a gentleman who had a good paying job. He was previously employed at a golf resort teaching people how to play golf. He now owns and runs a small restaurant in a hip part of town. As we were talking, he was surprised of the fact that he had no idea he would be running his own business just one year ago. If someone would have told him, he most likely would not have believed them. But here he is; in charge of his own place of business and is needing more help! I congratulated him on coming this far in the journey, saying that even with an education at a business school, many never really start their own business, but end up working for someone else and running another person's business.

He agreed. The intricacies, the details, the challenges and the rest of the reality that comes with being your own boss and having or starting a business is not written down in a school book. It is learned “hands-on” while plowing forward through the process. Some of the 'success' stories didn't follow a text-book method. They did it.

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