05 August 2015

Called To Catch The Wave

The walk in the Light is like surfing (I'll do my best, not being a surfer).

The sea ebbs and flows onto the shore, bringing in undulating waves.

When the proper wave forms, the surfer catches the rise.

He flows along with the strength of the fluid motion until it dissipates.

At times, the wave is too strong and the surfer is tossed from the surfboard.

Other times, the wave is insufficient for a ride, so the surfer lets it pass and waits for a proper one.

Some days, the waves are only to be viewed, not ridden.

This could mean they are either too fierce or too weak to be surfed.

When the surfer is tired, has to move on with their day or has had their fill, they ride their last wave all the way to shore.

Depending on the skill set of the surfer, they can catch almost every wave they desire.

One thing the surfer can bet on: there will always be a wave to catch.

It is the wave which the surfer has grown accustomed to, not the wave to the surfer.

The waves and their motion have always been; it is the surfer who has lately appeared.

Some locations provide for better waves to surf, other locales are not as suitable.

Over time, the underlying conditions change, thus changing the formation of waves.

Yet the waves will continue to form, to roll over and to swell along the coasts of the earth.

The ocean currents and their subsequent wave patterns are fluid, varying in minute scale while being constant overall.

While a new invention of man will allow him to ride the waters in a different way tomorrow, the waters themselves will not change.

The ocean waves are not predictable, yet they are current.

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