25 August 2015

Your Choice Of View

We can learn at least one thing from every person who crosses our path.

Whether it is a lesson of how to be or how not to be, that is for you to realize and learn from.

Either way, there is a lesson to learn from each person who crosses our path.

However, the question truly is: what are YOU teaching that person?

Another question: are others learning something good or bad from you?

The individual cannot help but always see the world outside of them; thus always seeing others and not themselves.

This is why we are asked to look in the mirror.

This is why we are asked to consider others better than ourselves.

This is why it is asked we remove the plank from our eye before attempting to pull a splinter from another.

And over all these things, we are asked to love one another; love our neighbor as ourselves; love our enemies.

While considering the world around you and its inhabitants, through the perspective of love is evidence of God's grace found.

Absent love, the world looks like the landscape media programming paints for the viewer.

Absent love, the people living in the world look like enemies ready to attack.

But is this really so?

Have you ever had a predetermined or prejudiced notion towards another human being before meeting them?

Your judgment of them may have been precise, or it may have been wrong.

Many times our perceptions of others are already formed by the opinions of others.

This is hearsay and gossip.

A Man walked the earth many years ago and was called a drunk, a glutton, demon-possessed and a liar.

But His action proved these allegations and accusers false.

Forward the love, not the hate, forward the faith, not the fear.


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