13 August 2015

"What Religion Are You?" Asked Lady Rebecca

I was discussing understanding God's love and will for mankind with a friend.

I was backing away from another contentious discussion before it becoming a debate over words; what ruins hearers.

Rebecca overheard our conversation.

This friend, whom I love and consider a brother yet he does not me, sadly believes God hates certain people prior to their departure.

He thinks men could righteously judge other's according to words.

He also has issue with the word “in” instead of “of” when discussing 'faith in/of Christ.'

This may sound trivial, but it is a life and death issue for some.

Many are the divisive arguments religious people make while ignoring the foremost priority of loving one another.

Some fail keeping the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

I turn to Miss Rebecca, opening with how religion is one thing while walking with God is something entirely different.

The two are typically confused as the same thing.

After sharing with her the faith God has granted me, I turn the conversation over to my dear friend.

He hands her a booklet written in the 18th century containing the doctrine he agrees with, the same he handed me when we first met.

I have come to understand that people are not 'saved' by association, by 'knowing' the correct information or accurately repeating a doctrine.

Sadly, men follow the interpretations and words of men instead of the very basics of the Gospel, which starts and ends with Love.

The Pharisees of Christ's time possessed the knowledge of the law, the prophets, and knew the proper 'doctrine,' yet their hearts were vacant of love and mercy for others.

Despite their standing in the community and their vast knowledge, they were blind, calling evil what was good and good what they thought evil.

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