11 August 2015

Secret Mysteries Only God Reveals

What's in a handshake?

I have friends of all stripes, sizes and shapes in the physical and virtual realms. Some friends may not consider me their friend, but a stranger or an enemy. You'd have to ask them. But to me, I am called to love them, treat them as friends and if allowed, love them as I love myself.

I come across different people in my daily routine from all walks of life and backgrounds. Their religious spectrum is widely varied; Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Maat, Atheist, Science, etc. Their heritage background is also illustrious; African, Hebrew, Arab, Western and Eastern Europe, Indigenous, Asia, etc. Some want me in their group, others don't say anything about their secret group, and my kind are automatically disqualified.

What is going inside their hearts and minds is anybody's guess, but I'm sure it could be as different as what passes through my heart and mind. And possibly very much the same. I do know this: any one of these friends enjoys a great meal. Especially a meal with special people they admire.

Some of these friends are very wealthy; millionaires or more. Others are homeless; picking up every penny they find. Most are just occupied with earning enough to pay the cost of living. But one thing is surely held in common with them all: they all respond to Love. However, their response isn't always positive. Some never experienced love. They may have heard the word, but never the appropriate actions accompanying the term. Some have love confused with sexual feelings. Some do not believe love exists. Yet for us who know Love, we can see how our love for others is sometimes reciprocated, sometimes rejected.

But I love them all nonetheless, despite their different reactions to the Love they've never known.

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