27 August 2015

Replacing Roses For Thorns

I've had too much mainstream media recently. 

I thought getting rid of television would cure the obsession to keep up with the latest W.M.D. (Weapon of Mass Distraction). 

I was wrong. 

I get updates of the latest domestic massacre, political outrage, gossiping insult, false prophecy, loveless religious opinion and suspicious conspiracy via my FaceBook feed. 

It breaks my heart. 

Some days I don't even scroll down the FaceBook feed. 

I sometimes simply post the daily Bread, my work, and respond to messages and get off as quickly as possible. 

I get solicitations regularly, and requests to email people strangers outside of Facebook, and several other scams or solicitations from Facebook users the world over.

The disunity among believers in Yeshua as Lord is stupefying. 

The division in the political circles is to be expected, and can be just as vicious as the religious arguments. 

What I also notice is the silence of many who decide not to participate. 

I applaud you. 

I am learning.

I also hear the latest garbage that is spinning in the minds of the common people when I visit my favorite coffee shops and other places I visit.

It is difficult reading the opinions streaming on the feed sometimes. 

Quite a lot of hate, fear, judgment, ignorance. 

And this not only from links to videos, or the 'news' or things like that, but personal expressions.

Reading such things really shows how amazing God's grace truly is for mankind.

Truly immeasurable.

His love is truly boundless, loving us despite our ignorance and limited horizon.

May we always remember to speak in love to others, especially when emotions run high and we are pitted against one another by the opinions of men.

May we focus on He who endures more than we can imagine, for all of us.

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