03 August 2015

Ask With The Right Heart

You get what you want in and out of life.

Some folks call the manner in which they acquire things the “law of attraction.” That's an interesting way of putting it. I call it love. I see it this way: God loves you so much that He gives you what your heart desires. Yet, as anyone who has lived long enough to learn something, getting what you want always comes with a caveat.

When I was pursuing the wealth of the earth, I received what I wanted. I also received along with the money a test that I would wish on no man. Darkness crept over my heart. Duplicity challenged my prior desire to be honest 100% of the time. I had to remove that which caused me to doubt and slide away from the truth: the money.

I know, this is not the case for all men. But this was the case for this man. I had put my heart's desire for the money over my heart's desires for the Truth. Some say “truth” is relative. Yes, relative for those who define the truth for themselves.

When you consider what you do not have in life (parents, a spouse, a large home, a vehicle, a vacation, a private island, the latest technological gadget, etc.), remember that you will eventually receive what your heart desires. But I must caution you. Ask for the greater things, like Truth, Love, Humility. Ask for 'things' with a good heart, knowing your wayward desires may hurt you. Ask knowing the unwanted comes along the wanted. This is how God teaches us and exposes our hearts, for our own good, because He sincerely loves us.

When asking for something or someone, have the good desire to do good with what you receive. He will provide!


Norman Moreau said...

I appreciate you well written Blog my friend Edmundo Thank you for you Good words ( and errors jump out of the pade at me and when I read you writing I find it is flawless (No misspelling)
God Bless you Brother!!!

Edmundo Santiago said...

Thank you for your very kind and encouraging words, Norman! May God bless you in every possible way and hold you firmly in His amazing grace!! Peace be with you, brother.