14 August 2015

Hello Will Eventually Work

What a difference saying “hello” makes. We never know how putting our fears, or our pride, or our whatever it is aside can make doors open to us. Recently I was invited to a neighborhood watch meeting. I was so thrilled to meet other neighbors which I've either seen in passing or haven't seen at all in the nearly two years of living on that particular street. Not everyone is friendly, or seems unfriendly at first, but you'll never know unless YOU are the one to say hello... and have a chat.

Our neighborhood is experiencing some nefarious activity in the alleys behind the houses. A close friend whose lived there for years and chats with people living in the neighborhood, noticed a change when a certain character moved back in with his mother. The graffiti rose exponentially, as did thefts, vandalism and trash in the alley. I also noticed how there wasn't much going on in the alley when we first moved in, but now there's loitering and a particular presence.

The character in question has always avoided eye contact with me. I've said hello to him and those walking next to him. They respond, but he looks down or away. My carnal mind wants to pursue the idea of getting him or his mother evicted so the 'problem' would leave from our neighborhood (the meeting's consensus), but most likely this will simply transplant the issues elsewhere without resolve.

Last night I was considering this character most likely didn't have a dad growing up. I don't know his story other than the negative hearsay. My carnal mind wants to simply run him out of the neighborhood. But I must consider He who speaks to my heart. What would that voice say to this person.

I shall continue with hello.

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