04 August 2015

Are You Religious Or Righteous?

We see many who claim they are God's elect, yet are quite disagreeable. Many false prophets, false believers or religious zealots claim, using scripture, that they know God... but are wolves inside. They know Him not, allowed to be deceived by God. Maybe He allows this is so others may recognize them; learning to love even these who tarnish the unity God calls His children to.

This is why pushing doctrine while citing the scriptures means nothing when one cannot perceive another's heart. One can guess, not according to words or doctrine, but according to the speech and treatment of others, granting a glimpse of their heart's condition.

You can sometimes tell who has love in their hearts for God and others, and who is puffed up and full of contempt. These are resounding gongs, repeating the same things they've read or were taught, while empty of God's love, unable to share nothing other than their focus, which is not Christ's love, but their narrow doctrines authored by men citing much scripture. They love to argue over words and doctrines, thinking they are doing God's good work, yet the teaching of righteousness says not to argue over words and pursue peaceful unity.

Righteousness says love your enemy, yet these men filled with knowledge consider other men who call Yeshua Lord their enemy. These puffed up 'wise' attackers are vacant of love and peace. They are vicious wolves according to their actions and condemning words. They believe they support the cause of Christ! They believe to be the elect, while they divide the unseen body of Christ.

If some of these are, by His grace, in the kingdom of God, they will be called least, for they cause many to stumble. They are not of the gatherers. They blindly scatter sheep.

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