07 November 2015

Becoming One Every Day

If the two become one, how important it truly must be making sure the other half is happy, secure, comfortable and protected.

Being a husband, I protect my wife.

She is my body, my heart and the litmus test showing how I am doing.

I remember hearing a man say: your wife is the reflection of how well you are doing... if she is glowing, you're doing a good job (with her), if she isn't, then it is your fault as to why she is not aglow.

I was a young man when I heard that message through him.

Those words rang true and reverberated deeply within my heart.

Sometimes when I share with my buddies some of the conversations I have with my wife, or some of the things I do for her (like vacuuming or doing the laundry), they look at me as if I've lost my manhood.

I think I understand gender roles and the order between a man and woman in holy unity.

But where is it written that certain activities are the sole realm of a woman... or of a man?

Am I less of a man if I was to clean up the house to surprise my wife?

Would I be 'weak' or a 'wimp' if I was to perform some of what a wife would be 'expected' to do around the house?

These things I have learned, firstly hearing the lesson and secondly by experience:

When my wife's heart is happy, my heart is happy.

When my wife is secure, I feel like the strongest man on the planet.

When my wife is growing in her understanding of how the Almighty works (my vocation is washing her with the Word), I see the possible come out of the impossible.


Your wife and the condition of her heart, her mind and her security being with you is vitally important to the revelation of the living Word, let alone to the health of your relationship.

I can understand why some societies, cultures and religions elevate women to a higher place than men: mysteries can be revealed when a man's humility is exercised.

I can also understand why some societies, cultures and religions stifle and defeat the woman's role: proud men fearful of losing control.

Yet, Christ removed the barrier between men and women without removing the order of service one has to the other.

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