17 November 2015

Eye Can See

When a migraine strikes it impairs my visual experience.

My activity comes to a standstill.

Out in public, I could close my eyes and wait out the 15 or 20 minutes until it passes.

But if I'm in public, like a coffee shop, having my eyes closed for that long a time can be uncomfortable for others.

My sight is replaced with squiggly pulsating black and white lines.

Initially, the blindness is the size of a small paperclip, while my periphery in all directions is still visible.

It begins as a slit of squiggly lines, and if reading, a few words across a page are missing.

The squiggly lines begin to move and grow, slowly drifting left during the waiting period.

In due time, one side of my periphery is unseen by my mind.

This has happened while driving and I have had to pull to the side of the road and wait it out.

When it happens, it causes me to consider things, like eye sight.

I take the basics for granted sometimes, as if eye sight can be considered a 'basic' for all people, which it isn't.

Things that we had no hand in to begin with, like our lives, or our sight in this instance, soon becomes well appreciated and highly valued.

I cannot imagine a world where I cannot see.

Many are the beautiful sights in this world; oceans, mountains, animals, people's faces, some things mankind has made.

The eye itself is such an amazing and intricate piece of creation.

Have you ever looked closely at people's eyes?

Search online for images and videos of the many different colors and patterns of the eye.

What is quite striking is that although the eye is the instrument to 'see,' there are some things the eye cannot see.

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