20 November 2015

Knock Off Brands

There is a brand of Christianity that doesn't resemble the popular definition of what Christianity is today.

I don't think it is fair to call it Christianity, so clearer terms need to be used to identify what this is.

Disciple is a term that better defines this idea.

When looking at a disciple of Christ, this term brings more clarity.

Phrases like “love your enemy” is a very distinguishing phrase, separating other brands of Christianity.

In loving your enemy, history has shown people branding themselves as Christians but failing to truly love their enemy.

We don't have to look too far back at times past to see how Christians still fail to love their enemy,

This brings confusion onto who Christ is and the term Christianity.

In my early twenties, I had a hard time believing that anybody on the earth was living according to the message of the Christ.

All of the mainstream examples that I could look at didn't resemble Christ much, but resembled poor examples of men trying to define Christianity for themselves and seemingly ignoring the example of Christ.

What it did take, and this was less my doing, and more-so something opening inside of me, in my heart, not so much my effort but by a greater effort; I was allowed to see examples.

Some here, some there.

I didn't need to see perfect examples, for no common human being can be or ever was perfect.

What I did need to see were glimpses of Christ.

I did find people who were loving their enemy.

Who, despite the poor examples, the faithless, the popular doctrines of Christianity which justify war and self defense, I found people who had put more faith in God and His providence and less faith in the common ways of mankind.

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