09 November 2015

Metaphysical Master

Thoughts Dawning At Twilight

I had the notion of sharing just a thought, or two, or a few.

I like sharing some things on social media, whether it's my thoughts, my heart, things that I see through my journeys as I walk around this town of Long Beach where I currently reside.

One thing that came to mind when I was walking home from the coffee shop was “metaphysical Master.”

There seems to be no other evidence or testimony of a metaphysical master other than Christ.

And it seems the vast majority of what you would consider a miracle to have been derived from people invoke His Name or set their hearts on Him, His Person, who He is.

The aspect of love, how love has been defined by that Person, the Person of Christ, by His actions, by His words and by the imitation of His actions and His words.

What I've seen in my short time here on this planet, now in my 41st year, is that simply because people describe their experience with the un-explainable... because we can use the words of the bible, but people still do not understand.

They can use those very words, but it is still inexplicable something as vast as God.

But thank God that we do have a glimpse in Christ!

I think the only way that others, speaking to you who desire to forward the message of Christ, to exemplify His love, to be like Christ:

I would suggest try not putting so many road blocks, so many stumbling blocks in the way of others, but meet them where they're at.

Consider where you have been, as I consider where I have been, in how others have reached me.

How God has used others to reach me.

It has usually been though a loving way; a smile, a friendship, a kind word, service.

Not through condemnation, not through judgment, but through grace.

Extending grace to those who have yet to find out what grace is all about.

I think that a lot of people who would call themselves Christians also do not understand grace.

I think if they did, they wouldn't be so imitating of the prophets of old.

They wouldn't be so harsh.

I used to be like that, I used to be very legalistic in that way.

I used to be: “you gotta be hard line on sin.”

And sometimes I was just reflecting my own battle with my sin.

But was Christ really like that?

I think Christ, if we read, clearly He responded in a tough way when He was being attacked, when He was being called evil.

But when He would approach or be approached by those who were considered sinful and outside the scope of a 'good person,' He was inviting, He was gracious, He showed mercy, He loved them.
And that is one thing that the religious... they not only couldn't stand it, they attacked Him for it!

So... love people!!

Learn the amazing ways that God reveals Himself through other people and other ways of they explaining their small view of God.

We all have a small view of God.

I recently shared a scientific guy's testimony, a neurosurgeon, who used to see the world through a mechanical way; thinking that the brain is like a machine.

His experience of coming near death opened up his eyes in a way that now his language is 'not scientific' as far as not being accepted by those who hold to the religion of science.

People are quick to criticize him, his testimony of his experience, and how he puts it into his words, his language.

They're quick to condemn him instead of just taking the good of what is presented.

And isn't that what life is all about?

Taking what's good, rejecting what is bad.

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