15 November 2015

To Italy With Love

Met a man from Italy yesterday.

He was walking out of the 7/11 with a pack of cigarettes.

I was sitting in my vehicle just outside the laundromat waiting for my clothes to finish drying.

We made eye contact as he approached the passenger side of the vehicle he was about to get into.

He complained to me how ridiculous it was having paid eight dollars for a pack of cigarettes.

We began an exchange about the self-inflicted damage of smoking.

We also meandered and weaved through several topics in quick fashion.

His Spanish was pretty good; it is a slight variant of his native Italian.

He mentioned the recent massacre in Paris and told me he feels sad for that and for his children's future.

I told him it shows how people truly have no clue of who God is.

Many religious fanatics of any religion are clueless to the reality that we are all brothers and sisters, called to love one another, like Yeshua Christ exemplified.

He agreed.

He showed me his airline ticket for his return to Italy on Air France.

He's a perfume wholesaler and mentioned how the samples he still has will be unable to return with him on the flight.

I caught an amazing glimpse into his person and his culture by the choice of words he used.

He joked how the airline representative he spoke to on the phone regarding the perfume said he'll have to leave his perfume.

He suggested dropping their off at their house.

I laughed.

We touched on many subjects and got to know one another in a very short time.

It is interesting how two strangers can speak, share their thoughts, and even if we did have different view points, the differences were less important than our likeness.

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