03 November 2015

Responding To Bart Ehrman: "Suffering"

Life is fluid. All of the terms men make up to label something, like a way of thinking, is also fluid, but people begin to follow a definition instead of the fluidity of this life.

It is like the dilemma of categorizing people politically... as if people, again being fluid; growing, changing, learning, etc., are one type of person or political viewpoint their entire lives.

If science explains that energy does not die, but simply changes state, consider where the energy currently running in your body will go when your body eventually breaks down and ceases functioning. 

Regarding suffering: If there is a God (the Power, Infinite Wisdom, Allah, Elohim, Shiva, etc.), and some people believe the spirit/energy of life continues after the material passes away (death), then was it a "loss" or a "shame" or an "injustice" the manner in which people lived, or died, or suffered, when the flesh returns to the earth while the spirit/energy continues to exist in the spirit/energy realm?

This is the hope and expectation the people who believe in the risen Christ have always had. Regardless of all the turmoil and madness in life, after all is said and done, those with faith believe in what science has slowly been defining and explaining, yet labels in different terms.

Imagine an upside world where the wicked enjoy the carnal existence to the fullest for as long as they exist on earth, but will not enjoy where their spirit/energy goes forever. Contrast that notion with the kind, peace seeking and humble people who get out of the way of the wicked, allowing them to have their cake and eat it too, and these peacekeepers inheriting a place of peace, light and love; a place their heart currently reflects. This is the simple message of the Gospel.

The Gospel message is logical.

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