28 November 2015

First Impressions

When you first meet someone, are your initial thoughts of them correct?

Assuming you build a friendship an acquaintance with them, are you always right in your assumptions?

Have you ever been wrong?

Have your perceptions change over time?

Have your first impressions lingered despite later realizing you were wrong?

If you were to meet someone, and at that moment you were not your best, it would be a shame they would hold that initial first meeting against you for the rest of your life.

Some of us had parents which did this to us.

We may have siblings who still view us as that brat, or blockhead child, and not the peer we are.

We've also been subject to such time-stamped judgments.

We've done this with food.

We've done this with places.

We've done this with ideas.

I used to be deathly afraid of sushi because of the opinions of others... who never had sushi.

It wasn't until I was practically coerced into trying some that I was able to overcome my fear, my false judgment and my belief of opinions.

I really like sushi today and can't get enough.

I've turned on others to sushi, helping them also overcome negative perceptions built upon opinions.

If we are to approach human beings with preconceived notions, judging them by their outer appearances, or what others have opined of them, how comfortable would we be if others would approach us with negative notions about ourselves?

I do acknowledge that people, like sheep, assimilate and identify with whichever ideology or identity they are grouped in, by default or design or desire.

If we can look at our past and realize change, growth and maturity, surely other human beings can change, grow and mature.

Can we put ourselves in their shoes and love?

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