30 November 2015

Is God's Protection Limited?

Whomever desires harvesting a life sowed in the ways of this world only reaps this world's rewards.

These rewards usually carry adverse consequences.

The wayward are granted freedom of choice, some choosing to hurt and devastate the children of the Most High in chasing worldly rewards.

Since the flesh counts for nothing, the wayward's efforts only bring a case of judgment against them, while the children are vindicated.

Great is His mercy and love for His children!

The maledictions and malevolence against the children have no hold on the love, grace and mercy He's chosen to show His children, although they realize suffering.

He knows and allows His own to traverse pain in order to bring forth more than the imagination conceives.

Looking at Christ, notice how His murderers actually sealed their fate... according to His purpose.

His resurrection showed that, although the flesh is killed, the Spirit lives on and forever.

This reality propelled His first witnesses to spread this news.

God allows all things to happen for unfathomable reasons, revealing His bountiful grace and love for His children, despite their sufferings from the wayward's trespasses.

Consider how grateful the children are for grace despite the things done in their past, or the doubts their hearts regularly experience.

Yet they are not granted a license to trespass.

God's grace is one of the most misunderstood, underestimated, least explained spiritual phenomena.

God's grace is beyond conception, immeasurable by human means.

Men dare say who is or isn't in His grace, but this is merely arrogance and misaligned zealotry.

They reflect God's immeasurable love.

He redeems those who some people may label nonredeemable!

His chosen can absorb, as water does a grain of salt, the judgments and opinions of people, regardless of title or position in organized religions and secular circles.

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