12 November 2015

Perceive New Walks In Life

Read this article.

Do the choices companies make in hiring either domestic or foreign employees have anything to do with making more money?

Of course.

In a world where economic interests dictate decision making, can employees be blamed for the choices employers make?

Why then does media and political hacks blame immigration?

Why continue obfuscating (hiding) the decisions both governments and large companies make?

The article shared speaks volumes to the reality that, in our international world, national allegiance means very little to people whose interest is making more money.

So, is it wise to blame the commodity (labor) and not the managers of commodity?

Consider what happens to people and organizations who put too much emphasis on making money instead of considering the outcome of their narrow decisions.

For some, losing a job is sometimes the push they needed to go work for themselves.

For others, it was the final straw that broke their psyche.

Sadly, the methods of those in more secured positions to increase their incomes are made at any expense: lay-offs, firing, or paying lower wages.

This is the world's reality; greed blinds all involved.

No wonder there is so much mental illness, regardless of income.

The solutions are uncomfortable, seemingly impossible and are dependent on your individual responsibility.

Cease consuming:

Every holiday or trip to the store is a reason to feed the trash heap and fleece your pocket book.

Eliminate debts and/or don't go into debt:

Interest is an allowed scheme, a justified greed that sifts you slowly; don't participate in it at either end.

Work at something that has meaning to you:

We are all subjects of someone, either seen or unseen, so make sure your subjugation is meaningful.

Place value in the eternal and things of the heart:

The material passes away.

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