02 November 2015

Judge Correctly, Beloved

Anything in this world can be seen as evil. We have law and order, which is good, but we also have some people who implement law and order corruptly. Is law and order evil because of the actions of the corrupt? I think 'how' any thing is used determines the intention. The internet, for example, can be used for good. Money can be used for good. But we can see many examples of how the internet and money is used for bad things. The judgment depends on the heart behind whomever is making the judgment call and the actual actions, use and message (in the case of this blog post).

I recently had a social media friend opine and suggest I was lacking in my love for God after I shared about watching a particular movie. They shared that my promotion of this movie was like being an enemy of God. This movie is one of my favorites. It's a comedy. It's quite ridiculous, and at times stupid. It's supposed to be ridiculous. I find it humorous and a classic. It weaves life lessons within the humor. I am always brought to tears at the end. I can't help but see the hope written into the story. I see faith portrayed by the main character, as well as the struggle to do what is right while being internally challenged by life's temptations and his calling to be an example for others. There's a miracle portrayed at the end.

So, I was troubled when a virtual friend I've never met nor communicated with before shares his judgment regarding my post. I have to take the view's of others into consideration. I wouldn't want to be found either disrespecting or hurting others by things I share, forward or promote.

Perhaps they are not a fan of this particular movie.

Perhaps they view all movies as evil.

Perhaps they are simply going through a judgmental religious phase, as I once did, where they can't see hope and faith weaved into life's fabric.

But I shall not be limited and judged by the nearsightedness of others.

If my freedom is being used as a cover for evil, that is one thing (the suggestion of the strong judgmental opinion), but if my freedom means searching and seeing the world through the eyes of faith, grace, love and mercy, then I am free from ignorant judgment.

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