24 November 2015

Comforting Transcendence

We may sometimes experience things which bring comfort to our hearts.

These events may vary.

The following occurred in February, 2004.

About a week and a half after my maternal grandfather passed away, I was standing in my grandparent's living room watching my grandmother (his wife) as she watched television. She couldn't see me. I was pondering what may be going through her mind. She was married to this man for over 60 years, and now he was gone.

There was a cuckoo clock behind me, one that both of them would wind up every so often. He had made a small mark on the wall, to align the clock, near the bottom corner of the clock. But one day, I had also made a mark. I heard, according to the tick-tock syncopation, that his mark was a bit incorrect. The sound was not "in time" as a musician would say (I'm a musician).

Every so often, he would return the clock's alignment by sliding the bottom of the clock back to his mark. And I when I would notice this, I would return it to mine.... lol.

Well, that day as I stood there pondering my grandmother's thoughts and also pondering the current whereabouts of my grandfather, I heard the clock sliding. Turning around, I noticed it had moved from my mark to his! The syncopation also changed from my "in time" syncopation to his "off time" syncopation, like going from 1/4 notes to 1/8 notes and 1/2 notes!

I was very surprised, quite shocked and amazed at the same time.

My hair didn't stand up on the back of my neck as with another experience from another time. What this experience granted me was respite regarding my wondering of his whereabouts and my concern as to his state.

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