06 November 2015

Traversing The Forgiving Bridge

If humans existed in water as fish do, would humans know what it would be like to walk the ground and breathe the air?

Would the water-born human understand a description of life on land?

Would words be sufficient for the human to gain a glimpse of what it is like to breathe in air?

If the water-breathing human communicates not by words, but with sound and sight as do many fish today, could audible words carried by the air be a possibility?

The notion of this chasm between life on land and life in water seems vastly different enough, yet why do certain individual human beings consider other humans in an indifferent manner?

Is the barrier between a water life and an air life so different between humans Today?

Why then do some humans act as if two or more species of creation are attempting to communicate?

If two people from the same family, being raised together as siblings, can sadly hold bitterness and rivalry in their hearts for a lifetime, why is it that strangers can build a friendship that resembles a family unit?

Is it the lack of baggage between strangers what doesn't complicate a relationship?

Wouldn't the long history between relatives be a good reason to further build that relationship?

Perhaps in a perfect world both strangers and relatives can get along, right?

Perhaps rivalries dating back centuries between individuals, clans, tribes, countries and certain groups could be resolved if all parties were to have a case of amnesia, yes?

Isn't forgiveness a precursor to the symptom of amnesia?

Although forgiveness is believed to be a two party effort (forgiver and forgiven), have you noticed the heart's resolve experienced by both parties?

Did you also know that the forgiver is the party needing the greater resolve?

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