26 November 2015

The Spirit's Image

Seeing Yeshua / Isa / Jesus is like seeing a cloud.

The elements that would make a cloud are ever present, but unseen by the human eye.

As men have measured and found out, a cloud becomes visible when temperature meets with certain elements.

And as some of us have noticed when looking at clouds, one could sometimes see certain shapes familiar to things we are familiar with.

But from another perspective, these shapes are not clear, only perhaps a cloud is seen, nothing more.

With Christ appearing, what has always been there was made visible for man to see.

Those who had the proper perspective sown into their hearts were able to see clearly who was before them.

Others simply saw a man.

Although a cloud rains down upon the land and makes the cycles of life work, arguably one of the most important components of life, it is sometimes dismissed because its effort is always ever present.

It is like forgetting the miracle of breathing; with every breath, your body is revitalized with the oxygen plants and trees produce.

It is like forgetting water is recycled and cycled through the ocean, evaporation, the clouds, mountain peaks, rivers and streams, underground aquifers, and other ways creation purifies water; what men have nothing to do with in bringing what passes through us back again.

It is like forgetting our body's intricate work; healing itself when injured, blood circulating throughout all places and being filtered while passing through other places, the air going into our lungs and passing to our cells, being fed with oxygen, sustaining life.

It is outstandingly amazing how we can forget the miracle of life we are!

It is amazingly amazing how these things happen without our effort!

It is a grand design.

Thank the Grand Designer.

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