14 November 2015

Confessions Of A Sleeper Cell

I am a sleeper cell, but not the kind your mind thinks of when reading the term sleeper cell.

The sleeper cell I am exudes light when darkness is confronted.

What seems to be asleep within me never actually sleeps, but acts on its own; myself simply being an instrument.

To some, I am a light, to others, their death nail.

An identity can be a dangerous thing and also a good thing.

Identity can be arbitrary for some people while being empty of much meaning for other people.

For some people, when holding onto a particular identity, they have forsaken themselves for the sake of others.

For others, their identity has taught them to violently or spitefully eliminate foreign identities.

History's telling narrative shows how people, united under a popular identity, have worked together to reach certain ends, some noble, others ignoble.

Consider your heritage, your lineage, your culture, your religious leanings, your understanding of the world, your nation's history and even your family tree.

For some of you, the story is one of great triumph in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

For some others, you are on the side of the Victor.

For others, it may be obscure and unclear.

And for some of you, it may be embarrassing, but you're not embarrassed, not aware.

Yet isn't it interesting how values have been formulated out of an identity.

The ways governments have been ruled depends on the accepted identity of any given people.

The manner a foreign people is dealt with depends on the identity of both sides; mostly how that foreigner is perceived.

I am an identity which isn't popular, although many claim it along with me.

My identity, my sleeper cell, is this:

But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of Him everywhere. For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To the one we are an aroma that brings death; to the other, an aroma that brings life. And who is equal to such a task? Unlike so many, we do not peddle the Word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God.

- 2 Corinthians 2: 14-17


SFC Rushing said...

Religion is the foremost advocate of "identity" i.e. Christian, Protestant, Muslim etc.. etc.. Islam teaches us in the Holy Qur'an to subjugate, convert or exterminate those with differing opinions/religious beliefs.

Christianity, like Islam has spread itself by the sword and has a long history of intolerance of people with differing opinions/religious beliefs.

Communism took this trait to the extreme and is responsible for the direct killing of over 150 million people in the last century.

The United States was founded on freedom. Freedom of religion, speech, pursuit of happiness etc. Everyone on earth wants to come here to reap the rewards of an open society and welfare system.

Those same individuals who want to come here because we are a great nation, come here with no interest in assimilation into our culture but bring their own and wind up recreating the crap-holes they allegedly fled oppression from.

Americans have worked hard to found and develop this country, to build a future for our grandchildren. Democrats now ask us to give up our national identity, culture, morals and ways of life so that we can think of humanity on a global scale.

The US already exports more money, medicine and food tonnage than all other countries combined. While our veterans lie homeless on the streets, we pay billions of dollars to third world countries for allegedly degrading their air quality, which is ludicrous because burning wood is much more pollutive and destructive than coal-fired power plants.

All of these lies are nothing more than a globalization of US taxpayers money (aka) redistribution of wealth.

Humanity as far as I am concerned does not include people that follow Islam and act as barbarians everywhere they go on this earth. If that is humanity, it does not belong in the United States of America.

Edmundo Santiago said...

Response Part I

Sergeant First Class Rushing, peace be with you, Sergeant.

I'll respond line by line ( I appreciate you writing your response line by line, btw ).

Religion, as state nationality, as tribal identity, as race and ethnicity, and other ideas, are derived from humanity reaching for identity. Religion is not the only idea to blame. Yet, I proclaim we are all brothers, sisters, distant cousins separated only by time, geography and the ideas of men ( these identities, which are faulty and at times very false when they divide otherwise likeminded people ).

I agree that religion is used as a tool to justify war, hatred, murder and subjugation of other peoples... but I must clarify that prior to what is called "Christianity" developing under Roman authority, it was called the Way and other terms, and was built upon love for neighbor as well as enemy... the primary sources show this as does historical evidence in secular records of the actors who followed the Way. It is difficult to blame the primary sources ( the Gospel ), and its Author ( Christ Yeshua ) and the early disciples when those centuries later began to bring into contempt that which was good through and through.

Communism is simply another "ism" by which men control other men. Isn't politics simply a method of managing people and resources? If one were to look at the ten demands ( also called planks ) of the Communist Manifesto, one would see these ten ideas already in place in all countries, even America. Advocating for one ism while vilifying another is to not understand what these things really are... monarchies have also thrived and it wasn't called or similar to "capitalism."

The United States is yet another development from ancient times ( Greek and Roman law which was continually developed over the years in other empires / states ). It was a repeat of conquering of people and land by an invading people... accomplishing these actions by any means necessary ( murder and theft ) and establishing economic centers to forward the pursuit of wealth and power... nothing new under the sun. As to how the narrative has been revised in order to give a semblance of "awe" and "honor" and "justification," I recommend "Lies My Teacher Told Me" as a great read to help assist deprogram the false narratives of American history. It is a book based on scholarship, not propaganda as the American historical narrative is.

Edmundo Santiago said...

Response Part II

Just as people traveled to Rome, they also traveled to Babylon, to Nineveh and to all centers of civilization in pursuit of wealth and prestige. Why blame immigrants when the U.S. markets the American Dream to the world via propaganda media, movies, products and culture? It is immigration which feeds the cheap labor demand... which supports the mega rich and influential.

Why blame "democrats" when the "republicans" are simply the other hand of the same single corporate de facto government? To believe there is a real difference between this two-headed entity is to watch a sports game and root for one side, but alas, it is simply a game made to entertain you and distract you from real life... such is the argument of blaming one side while worshiping or identifying with the other.

When money and products are exported, what does that do? Doesn't it cause a demand for more from those places they reach? Doesn't the central bank of the U.S. purpose the issuance of debt in order to continue building upon the labor force of the world? Hasn't this central bank removed the sovereignty of many once independent states ( and this is the purpose of such a central bank )? Isn't the centralization of credit one of the ten planks in the Communist Manifesto? Doesn't the Congress and Senate desire to flood the world's market with American everything, especially U.S. Dollars? How did Rome establish their presence and legitimacy if not by coin in the outer reaches or their empire? There is much to say when speaking to economics.

Who has written lies, you or myself? As for globalization, hasn't that been the plan of the founding fathers? Making a model ( the U.S. ) and exporting that model to others? Haven't regimes developed from monarchies to political organizations based upon a declared constitution? Doesn't America influence the entire world through economic, military and cultural means?? Do you not see the bigger picture? Look at recent events in Russia. How about all of central and south America. Look at Turkey and Iran prior to the revolution.

Just as America has fallen into depravity with societal loosening masqueraded as "freedoms," so have other places in the world become depraved under the tutelage of tyranny and very little freedoms. It is a soft tyranny where the market defines what is good and not good... and it is a hard tyranny when the state forces people to act instead of the mechanism of the market forcing people to act... yet both are tyrannies, both are products of man's desire and ambition.... to favor the only one you've know your entire life is to give an answer to your final sentence in regards to people who support the only tutelage they've known their entire lives.

Peace be with you, Sergeant Rushing.