23 November 2015

Speaking From The Heart

Friends and family, you never know what impact the words from your heart will have on someone.

You think you're recalling a simple story, using simple words.

But your audience may be hearing an answer to their heart's questions, or suspicions, or pessimism, or doubts.

The other day I answered a friend's question.

His question: could you ever cheat on your wife?

I began to share the earliest challenges we faced.

It was this man who was challenged, for my wife-to-be did not have the difficulty.

Yet, since a unification is the coming together of two people, it was 'us' who faced the difficulty of my baggage.

I shared with him how my immaturity and doubt initially jeopardized our relationship.

He at first became quite upset, thinking my story was picture perfect or a fairy tale without blemish.

I then shared how my wife was patient, was kind and was forgiving.

The Author of Life was revealing to me things I had to accept.

I was faced with taking responsibility for my prior decisions made and recognizing His blessing given me despite those prior wayward actions.

My eyes were opened as never before, causing me to repent.

I also added that divorce is not an option.

Cheating on her would be like me committing suicide.

By the look in his eyes, the manner of his expressions, he was not only hearing my words, his heart was hearing the message being unlocked from within my heart.

By the time I finished sharing how God had answered my prayer clearly and absolutely, he was loudly exclaiming His praises!

And this is how God is glorified; from the lips of those responding to His awesomeness, His good gifts, His miracles, His grace, His promises, His forgiveness, His blessings and His love for us.

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