06 July 2015

A Lesson From Uncle Pancho

My uncle would tell me he had a single 'toy' growing up; an old broom. He would pretend this broom to be a horse and several other things. He made the most of what he had. I don't recall this story being recalled in bitterness or resentment. More as a matter of fact. I don't remember the context, but I guess it was because I had an abundance of toys, always wanted more and becoming disappointed when I wouldn't get the next cool thing a television commercial or a friend would show me.

I appreciate now what I think my uncle was telling me; make the most of what you do have. He didn't have a 'toy' product made exclusively for a specific purpose, like the model train set or remote controlled cars I had. There was no such thing as remote control cars on my uncle's conscience. He couldn't possibly desire one. He had seen trains, possibly ridden them, but I am not sure he ever saw a small scale toy train set. He had seen horses, people riding horses. He wanted to ride a horse too. He made the best of that old broom to facilitate his desire.

Nearing my 40th year of existence on this plane, I am learning more the meaning of making the most of what one has, where one is, and every moment in life. Is it a great crime or sad circumstance not having the things any of us did not have growing up? I practically had all the toys I desired, still wanting more. Measuring joy and happiness according to what one possesses, one could miss out on the subtleties that life teaches, the imagination's exploration, the sharing of things. My uncle says he was happy trotting around with that old broom.

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