27 July 2015

Learning The Lessons

What happens when you/someone don't/doesn't get the customary cup(s) of coffee in the morning? How about that typical happy hour drink, glass of wine or beers in front of the television after work? Or simply the decaffeinated/non-alcoholic tea/beverage to warm the tummy in the morning or calm the nerves in the evening?

Whether the drink is stimulating or not, there is something about the expectation of getting what you want. There is also a lesson to learn from not receiving what is typically expected. How does our character revolt, or adjust, or deal without that which is expected but not received? When patterns or things around us change, do we change along with them? Or do we throw temper tantrums, take drastic measures, justify or excuse our attitude?

Recently I've been without something I am accustomed to having. It is not a drink or anything of that sort. I won't go into exactly what it is, but what I would like to point out is that my character, attitude and emotions have been drastically challenged due to this change. It is the expectation and the wait which has brought forth the character lessons; exposing my weakness as a human being.

Growing up my mom would take me along with her when she went shopping. I would always pick some new toy for her to buy me, but she wasn't always willing to comply with my wishes. I would sometimes throw a fit, cry hysterically, make a scene, anything to get her to cave into my will. Sometimes out of embarrassment and to diffuse my bad temperament, she would simply give in. Other times, we would take a trip to the bathroom and I would emerge shortly afterwards with rosy cheeks on both ends and an adjusted and quieted temper.


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