29 July 2015

Seeing The Light

I wonder what went through Paul's heart and mind those three days he was without sight. I could only imagine what thoughts and memories came up as he recalled his prior opinions of Yeshua and His followers. I'm sure he remembered how he may have considered the message a heresy, maybe a blasphemous teaching originating from somewhere else other than God' heart.

I can only imagine his emotional state when he considered his approval of what happened to Stephen. I'm sure what he did hear of Stephen's message was now ringing in his ears as he tried to recall each nuance and manner which Stephen recounted Israel's dramatic history with God Almighty. Perhaps Paul even thought of Jonah after the three days of blindness were over.

We can read of a few times Paul saw a vision or had a revelation when God directly communicated with him. I am sure there were many many more instances of Paul receiving private revelation, only the few specific ones being published to detail the necessary message.

I consider the fear Paul may have felt seeing such a vision and hearing the Voice. I'm sure he also feared being led by the hand towards those he had considered his enemies, apostates, worshippers of a false god (what he likely believed prior)? I'm sure his heart melted, along with what may have been cataracts from his eyes, when realizing how much God loved him despite his confused heart when Ananias called him brother. His world was turned upside down. And he gave thanks to Almighty God for emptying him of his misplaced zeal.

Now Paul was the hunted, not the hunter.

Now his life was in danger.

He became the enemy of the state.

Yet he praised His Holy Name for being chosen by God!

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