30 July 2015

Ready To Spread Your Wings?

Who told the caterpillar that one day it would become a butterfly?

Would the caterpillar believe that after some time of slowly crawling around eating green leaves that one day it would take to the sky in majestic flight, going from flower to flower sipping on nectar?

Is there a caterpillar School of Pupa where it learns how to become a butterfly?

Is there a Chrysalis University?

Where do these interesting little creatures learn how to live?

I know, we have a word called “instinct” which is supposed to answer these questions.

But does that word's definition truly bring understanding to how and why the world works around us?

Yet, who 'programmed' the caterpillar to do as it does?

What if someone were to tell you that the human life is similar to that of the caterpillar?

Would you believe the notion that after some time crawling around and feeding on things you considered 'food,' you were to one day go through a 'mutation' of sorts?

Would you believe that a change was to come over and about you?

Would you believe that you would one day become something very different from who and what you are at this moment?

The spiritual journey of the Way is such a transformation!

Some of us who once crawled around with sticky things pointing out of us (like a caterpillar), one day broke out of a shell and took flight!

We spread our wings and became very different from our prior selves.

We even began to feed on very different 'food.'

A new freedom of movement was realized, not restrained to the former and typical surroundings, but now being able to move about and through all kinds of situations.

Would you believe if you were told that THIS is the purpose of Life?

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