13 July 2015

Piercing Dividing Walls

For quite some time I was motivated by fear. Fear of going to hell. My obedience was fashioned after what men taught in an attempt to stave off torment. I learned this from the religious who were accustomed to following doctrines of men instead of their heart as it reflected the Spirit's teaching.

I was taught that since I wasn't doing certain things, or believing certain things, I was guaranteed hellfire for my disobedience or my lack of knowledge! Does this sound familiar to you? This disobedience wasn't about righteousness (the Beatitudes). It was about not doing what the clergy would do. Without getting bogged down into doctrines and semantics, let it be clearly stated that God is the Author of our lives. He knows the set times for us to do the good works He has planned for us. Let us remember the lesson taught to Nicodemus by the Lord regarding being born of the Spirit. Let us also know we are different parts of one body and not all are teachers.

As time went on, I began to distinguish the teachings of men and God's Way. By His hand and His will, I found myself seeking His face, His kingdom, His Way, His Word, His Life and His Truth. I realized that LOVE was the message and LOVE the initial motivation to do anything good.

Over the centuries, men of various groups perverted the message into a "glass half empty" gospel unless we do what they ask of us. But with God, my cup runs over (not in the material sense). His love, grace, mercy and daily proofs motivate me to exemplify Him in my life, willing me to lay my life down without fear.

Gather according to the milk in the Gospel, not becoming divided over meat.

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