10 July 2015

Doggie See Doggie Do

God created each and every animal for a more profound purpose than to simply fill the earth with life. Have you ever realized how the bee is necessary for life to continue? The bee is key in the building blocks of life on the planet! Look at the variety of animals and attributes they exude. The manner in which they all work together according to some unseen program. We have a great classroom when looking at the earth's animals. We can learn what God teaches mankind through His creation. There are great examples of cooperation, peaceful existence and order in the animal kingdom. The manner that life thrives on the earth on its own is amazing!

Have you considered the relation some animals have to humans? Take for instance the dog. Ever notice how a dog doesn't judge their owner according to the owner's skin color, or ethnic background, or wealth, or religion, or the kind of car they drive, or the clothes they wear, or even the quality of food the dog is fed? The dog is incapable of judgment. Dogs are not prejudice! However, since dogs can be trained, some are trained to attack certain types of people. Attack methods are taught to the animal like the commands to “sit” and “stay” are also taught.

If only mankind can be more like a dog in the positive attributes. The dog naturally responds to the human's love, care and affection. Consider how a dog responds its owner next time you consider passing judgment on a stranger according to their looks, their heritage, their religion, their economic standing or the clothes they wear.

The dog that is loved loves in return. The dog that is abused abuses in return.

Let us all choose to love instead of abuse one another.

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