15 July 2015

The Path To The Mountaintop Is Past The Hills And Dips

I saw a familiar person doing a familiar thing yesterday. I first saw this young man on the bus months ago. He had a huge welt on his forehead. He was acting quite silly and I thought he was mentally special. After some time I could see he was under the influence. Second time I saw him was again on the bus and again with another injury to his head. This time I had to ask.

He said he huffs, both times falling to the ground after taking a 'hit' of the 'drug.' It's not really a drug as we've come to understand them. But the result is the same: killing brain cells. I've had my time 'experimenting' and killing brain cells by the millions I'm sure, but God was and has been gracious despite my self-destruction.

The young man tells me how his 'friends' took his jewelry and cell phone last time he passed out. I told them they do not sound like friends. He thought about it.

Prior to yesterday I saw him urinating in some bushes. He had a spray can in hand, inhaling in between breaths.

So yesterday, I see him halfway passed out sitting against a wall outside a shopping center. People are walking by somewhat concerned and disgusted. He is putting the spray can to his mouth without moving anything else. I watch for a moment. I continue on my walk for a few steps, praying in my heart as I have times before, but this time I thought about speaking to him again. I walk over, tap him on the shoulder and he doesn't respond. He's completely out. I grab the bottle from his hand, look for a trash can, and throw it away. I committed a misdemeanor, may he forgive me. Sorry.

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