25 July 2015

Use Words To Raise Humanity

Have you noticed the amount of fantastic animal videos on youtube? You can see dogs, cats, birds and many other domesticated animals doing all kinds of tricks and funny stuff. Have you seen how some typically opposed animals can get along, seemingly to 'love' one another's companionship?

For a dog to get along peacefully with a cat is not too unusual nowadays, for people have been raising both for some time. How about when a cat gets along with a bird, and the bird doesn't fear being eaten by the cat? The cat's 'instinct' or 'programming' is to eat animals like the bird. Is this something unusual on its own or because of an exterior influence? Surely the animal owners/managers have taught and trained the animals to get along. We can find a vast array of animals getting along who would otherwise be treating each other as the next meal.

There is a manner in which these pet owners speak and direct their animals. If animals can be trained to get along using words, why is it difficult for human beings to get along? The human's desire for family and equitable society is a common interest. Why can't these interests unite instead of divide humans? Isn't someone properly raising people to be get along with other people?

The dog is similar to the cat in many ways, yet typically the dog pursues the cat. The bird is very different from the cat, with the bird typically becoming food for the cat. Are people so different as the bird is to the cat that people cannot get along? Must one human devour another human?

Humans can choose the proper words and intentions to unify common interests, training others with words to get along like these animals examples.

We're more than animals.

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