07 July 2015

Divided By Ideas And Opinions

Does the information you believe/know make you righteous?

Isn't what you think, say and do unto others what defines you as righteous?

People are called to view the world through God's eyes, yet people cannot help but see through their eyes of flesh.

Some proclaim God according to mountains of intricate information.  If that information doesn't circumcise the heart to love others (even those labeled your enemy), that information doesn't measure to a hill of beans! It would be better to simply know you must love God above yourself and love others as if they were yourself and know not a single thing more!

Many are the opinions of men who have attempted to decipher that which only God reveals to the heart. Many are the opinions which claim “this is what the meaning really is” and few are the people actually living out the message. It is by your actions people will know you, not by your words. It is by your life that witnesses recognize the Spirit within you, not your many words or critical explanations of the mysterious.

Each individual is a work in progress. Remove yourself from seeing division among the people of earth. How can you pass judgment on someone not having the ability to see their heart? Only God sees the heart. He is the author of our being.

Correcting misconceptions is not judgment. You could get an idea of where someone is at any point in their lives according to their words and their actions. However, again, they are a work in progress.

Today's sinner may become tomorrow's saint. And the one believed to be saintly today, could become the most vile person tomorrow. But God's grace is over all. God's grace teaches men to live at peace with everyone.

Being > speaking

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