20 July 2015

View From The Center

For some, you reap what you sow.

For others, ying accompanies yang.

For others, karma.

For others, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Either way you'd put it, we see this idea in play.

We see in life what these terms define and identify.

For some it is order out of chaos.

For others, it is predestination.

For others, all things happen for a reason.

We can argue about whether there is purpose in the world, yet we see the distance civilization has come throughout history.

From tribal warfare the world over, to law and order being the direction the pendulum is swinging.

Regardless of your perspective and your level of pessimism as to optimism, the world has been moving in a particular direction: law and order.

We see the consolidation of cultures, societies, nations, ideas and religions happening throughout time.

We see the aim of men is to bring all things under one rule.

Some see this as sinister, but it somehow exists and is a major collective ambition of mankind.

I used to see it problematic.

I was confused.

Despite folks not perceiving future events, in hindsight one can determine how in fact certain things had or had not worked out in their lives.

We can actually see God's hand and how He weaves the fabric of our lives.

For others, they count the mistakes and how one thing led to another.

However, if one chooses to see their life in the way of hope, they may lean more towards the manner in which certain things were either removed or brought to them for their own good.

Our immediate circumstance, however pleasant or unpleasant, is occurring for a reason.

There is something to learn.

The lesson may be us needing to make adjustments to our attitude.

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