28 July 2015

Do More Parts Mean More Car?

The message of Yeshua as Lord hasn't changed, despite the inclusion or exclusion of certain words.

The minutia riddled debate that looks at revelation as a mystical, mathematical, magical spell that must be heard or repeated using certain words or particular phrases, as if God is a magician and His Way is a sorcerer's spell, is quite vacant of God's wisdom.

Failing to look in between the lines, one is caught in man's snare of logical conundrums. As if only geniuses know God. Look at how many 'geniuses' believe in God!

Does God need man's logic to perform what He wills? Does God need man to understand how He created the world by invoking His Word in order for a man to accept that he himself exists, let alone that God exists?

The battle of words and hypotheses are endless. Much how "I love you" and "you are the apple of my eye" and "I have you in my heart" and "you mean the world to me" are four different phrases having different words, they speak the same message. That is, if anyone's heart, eyes and ears are open to the message.

The belief that any particular religious text is perfect, or is untouched and unaltered because a man was puffed up into believing that what he repeated to his followers was from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: only those who fail to seek God with all their hearts believe such a fantasy. They place their faith in identity, heritage, in the strengths of men and in human arguments of logic rather than accepting the reality that God always works outside of man's purview and logic.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
   so are My ways higher than your ways
    and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

- Isaiah 55: 9

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