05 July 2015

Embracing Humanity's Likeness

As a child, I loved watching animal documentaries on PBS or some television channel (this was before cable/internet television). Growing up in a metropolis, nature was the few trees and bushes in the yard, few types of birds and of course our pets.

I'd been eyeing/eying a BBC nature production that was released some years ago, waiting for a lower price. I was thrilled to pay 1/3rd the original price.

I found something quite insightful viewing one of these episodes recently.

The snow leopard in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan stretches much the same as the domestic house cat and the fearsome lion of the Sahara; forelegs out while curling the back, then hind legs out while elongating the back. You're thinking “of course you silly goose, they both belong to the animal family Felidae!”

No big deal, right?

Well, what I found more insightful was the manner every person participating in the expedition looking for the evasive snow leopard were thrilled when finding this creature. Weeks went by without a glimpse or trace. The effort to catch a glimpse of this elusive animal was suspended when a military effort searching for insurgents closed those mountains to everyone other than news and military personnel. After the 'war effort,' it was quite pleasant to see both the British videographers as well as the local scouts celebrating the find of this feline. The local tribesman, in unique attire, likely having different views, had smiles expressing joy the same as the visiting westerners. Religious and cultural differences aside, they all achieved a collective goal.

Humans on all corners of the world, just like the cats in all places of the world, share the same characteristics, mannerisms and attributes despite the minor exterior and lifestyle differences due to their surroundings and history.

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